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Please completely read this page before booking.

There are a number of things to consider when booking any food truck.

First and foremost please, please, please be honest about your event!

This is how we make a living and all food trucks work very hard for you.

Here are some basics that I hope will answer your questions

and give you a guideline before booking myself or ANY other food truck.

Food trucks provide a great service to make your event special​. 

Food trucks are a great way to offer diverse food options. Plus, it’s easy for them to show up, set up quickly (and be in state health code compliance) at just about any location. With their popularity they often draw more attention and interest to events.

Attendance estimates:

  Mobile food vendors will often begin ordering and preparing for large events days in advance.  Food trucks work hard to prep and have the proper amount of food for the number of attendees they expect to feed.  As the event date approaches, it’s important for the organizer to communicate to each truck whether the expected number of attendees has gone up or down from the original estimate. Provide updates well in advance and up to 48 hours.

Number of trucks that should attend an event:

 Often mobile food vendors will recommend that you have one food truck for every 200-300 attendees, if the event is focused around eating. If it is not primarily an “eating” event, that ratio should be closer to one food truck for every 400-500 attendees. For food trucks to have a successful event they need to average more than 50 customer per hour. This number can vary depending on numerous factors, but when deciding on how many food trucks to have at your event, make sure to think not just about the overall number of attendees, but also the number of attendees you expect to actually eat over the course of the event. 

NEW events are a BIG RISK for us because they have an unproven attendance.

So, if this is the first time you are holding your event please tell us!!!

Many food trucks will have to throw food away if it is not consumed.

DONUT book "like type" trucks. It's boring and it cuts into everyone's profit.

Trucks are unhappy to see their DIRECT competitor there.

Fee structure:

   When hiring or requesting a food truck or mobile vendor for your event, trucks and vendors can be compensated in a number of ways.  

Please understand, like any food service please TIP or we will feel you were unhappy with the service.

Also, smaller events might be competing with larger more established events for bookings

this will make it much harder to find a truck to contract with.
By the event organizer:

  This is similar to hiring a caterer; you simply contract with the food truck to serve a particular number of people within a certain budget or by a designated menu, or a combination of both.  This is the most commonly used method for private events and special occasions.  
By the attendees:

  This is similar to street service. A truck or vendor is requested to provide service at a specific location or event, and the attendees then pay for food directly to the truck or vendor. Keep in mind that in this scenario, most food trucks will need to do 45-60 sales or more per hour. This payment method is most common for larger events or at locations where there will be significant foot traffic with many people looking for a variety of food options.  
By guarantee: 

This is often the best solution for smaller events or to be able to have multiple food trucks at your occasion or event. The attendees pay for the food directly but the organizer agrees to guarantee a certain amount of sales.  The organizer pays the difference between the actual sales at the event and the guaranteed amount.  
By vendors paying a fee:

  If asking a food truck or mobile food vendor to pay a flat fee to attend your event, keep in mind that the truck or vendor will need to earn 10 times the amount of the fee. A reasonable and often preferred alternative to a flat fee is for a food truck to pay between 5-10% of their sales at the event in lieu of the flat rate. If you are holding an event which charges an admission to the general public, and where you are expecting the food trucks to be a major attraction and help draw in crowds, there should not be a fee for the food truck to attend.  Food trucks should NOT be considered a money maker. Most of us are a small businesses that are not backed by a major corporate entity.

Please support us!

We still have to pay the tax man...

Donations or fee funds will be given minus tax.

Otherwise, we'd pay tax on money we gave you.

Example: -10% attendance fee then another -7% in tax.

It's a total -20% of our profit when we add credit card purchases with a fee of 3% too!

We need to know:

Again~ Is this your first time holding this event?

Will there be other trucks and how many?

~Do not duplicate types of food~ 
Are you advertising and promoting your event?
Does your event conflict with other bigger events of the same nature on the same date?!
How many people are you expecting?

Trucks need to park on a level area without any incline and need to park on a good solid surface.

Most food truck's have overhead clearance requirements of 12' to 15' in height.

Make sure on the way there are no:

Low Tree Branches, Low Bridges, Power Lines,

Road weight restrictions~ St Paul corridor, a number of roads in Eagan

and many neighborhood roads in the spring are not allowed!

 Dirt Roads, Tight Turn Alleyways can be an issue. If a semi truck can get there then we can.


My truck is 20' in length and 10' wide.

I DONUT jump curbs!

My truck is OLD it is not a 4x4 pickup.

It might not be damaged attending your event but this can lead to damage down the road.

Please keep things GREENand check to see if I can plug into a nearby outlet.

Because my machine has super HOT oil and delicate contraptions:

I can not have ANY incline where I park~ None, Zero, Nada

I need to arrive 1  1/2 hours in cold weather before service time and I can't move once I set up.

I donut serve outside of Minnesota and I have a one hour or less drive time rule.

I am fully licensed and overly insured.

You can pay me with cash, credit and check.

There is a service fee for credit card payments.

Please pay me when I arrive.

I don't want to bother you later when you are entertaining your guests.

I have a minimum charge which serves under 100 people for two hours.

Additional charges are as follows:

 Outside of the City Area

 Running the Generator

 Late OR Additional service hours- more than 2

Overage of guests


For Corporate and Private Events

I require a 1/2 payment commitment and signed contract to hold your date.

Your event will NOT be held or entered into my books until I receive BOTH via US Postal.

It is first come first served.

Then we are committed to each other...ahhh!

This is non-refundable if you decide to cancel within one month of your event.

Please have a contact person ready who can direct me into the proper position.

I will need their cell phone number. Service starts and ends promptly on time.

Have your guests in line 1/2 hour before the finish of your event or they might miss out.

Many times I need to leave for another event.

There is one serving per person unless agreed upon- for an unlimited amount.

For large groups I will offer a limited menu to speed the line up

and ensure everyone gets served within the event time frame.

Companies interested in me "dropping by" for an employee "out of pocket" purchase

please know that I need 100+ actual paying customers for 2 hours of service.

​Please donut fib!

Did you invite another dessert truck?

Are you serving additional desserts, drinks or food?

I book events 1st that have no fees.

My item's ticket price is 1/2 to 1/3 of a traditional truck's and I have the same overhead costs.

It's why you won't find many dessert trucks. So, if you ask for 10% and the "taco" truck gives you $150 it's because they made that much. You can expect more like $50 from me.

Also- I will first deduct 7% (tax) from my total in sales before I donate or pay a fee.

I have to pay tax on that income.

I might ask your event to lower my fee and many dessert trucks will.

There must be a large attendance which means a minimum of 100 "sales" per hour.

If your event is smaller and you'd still like me to come, 

you can guarantee my sales by making up the difference.

Please also know that if your company is not guaranteeing sales your date might be moved.

Sorry, but I am no longer doing weddings or gluten free.

Thank you!

Special thanks again because some of this is from  "Food Trucks In" 

​EricW // 23 August 2013   How Many Food Trucks to Hire? - Useful tips! Food Trucks In

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