The "BAG" has your choice of sugar & spice blends:

Granulated Plain White, Cinnamon, Cardamom 

             Bombay Blend, Arnie Palmer and Pumpkin Spice              ~DRIZZLEs~

So gooey that they only come in a "BOAT". 

We make them fresh to order for you.

Can't decide? Let us do a variety mash up!

There's even a "savory" flavor...

Here's A FEW of our top choices:

Just Drizzle :   Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel or Reese's Peanut Butter.  

*Salty Dawg:   Sea Salt sprinkled on Chocolate  +  Caramel 

*Sinn~A~ Bunn Cinnamon + Vanilla

Cookies~N~ Cream: Chopped Oreo cookies, Powdered Sugar  +  Vanilla 

Peanut Buster:  Chocolate + Caramel  + Chopped Peanuts

Sprinkles:   Rainbow sprinkles on your choice of drizzles

Sriracha~cha:   Sriracha Honey + Peanuts +  Powdered Sugar  

Strawberry Fields: Strawberry Sauce +  Vanilla

Razzle~Dazzle :  Raspberry Sauce + Chocolate + Powder Sugar

Blueberry Blues:  Blueberry Sauce + Vanilla + White  Sugar

Ohh My Pumpkin Pie!: Vanilla + Caramel + Pumpkin Spice

Sweet N Spicy Chili Sauce :  Chili Sauce + Powdered Sugar + Peanuts

Bollywood : Bombay Blend + Vanilla + Caramel

* Fan Favorites

This is a limited selection of choices listed here. ​Our menu is always changing and can be made special for your event!


BANANAs and BACON!!!!!!!!!

Now I just gotta get in...


               Menu~ Donut sound good?

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